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Several named animals have appeared in the Railway Series, the television series, the annual stories and the magazine stories.

Animals in the Railway Series

This section is for animals that first or only appeared in the Railway Series, listed in chronological order:


"Well, well, well! Two big engines afraid of a cow?"
Edward teasing Henry and Gordon, Cows

After her calf was taken to market, Bluebell mournfully trotted onto the bridge at Hawin Russagh, stopping Gordon and Henry from passing and she did not move until Percy came along with her calf in a cattle truck. Bluebell was happy to see her calf and they both sent away.


The Railway Series

Thomas & Friends


  • In the Railway Series, Bluebell was white with black spots, but in the television series and a magazine story, she was brown.


"You know he's harmless and I know he's harmless, but does he know?"
Daisy, Bulls Eyes

An inquisitive bull who was angry, had once strayed from some farm labourers and ran away. He eventually came across the railway and seeing grass on either side, began to eat. Daisy tried to shoo him away, but was scared away by Champion and backed away, until Toby came and frightened him away.


The Railway Series

Thomas & Friends

Voice Actors


"I'd rather be as right as rain than as wrong as ice!"
— Dilly, Surprise Adventures

After Donald teased Duck about his "quacking", Duck's crew got revenge by slipping a small duckling into Donald's tender. When discovered, she became friends with Donald and his crew and eventually settled down at Haultraugh (Tidmouth Hault in the television series), where a small pond was nearby. She was named Dilly by the stationmaster, but she is known to everyone else as Donald's duck.

In an annual, she disappeared for a few months, only to return to the station with her husband and children in tow.


The Railway Series

Thomas & Friends

Music Videos


  • In the fifth season song, Dilly is nicknamed "Quackeroo".

Animals in the television series

This section is for animals that only appeared in the television series:



Gordon had problems with his fire. The firelighter suggested it was caused by gremlins and Gordon later collected a special passenger. At Wellsworth, the passenger's Dalmatian ran away and ran into Thomas' cab after confronting a bull. At Brendam, Thomas enquired about the visitor and the Fat Controller revealed she was his mother, who then aptly renamed her dog "Gremlin". He also appeared near Callan station with two women as the Fat Controller drove by in his car.


Thomas & Friends


  • Gremlin's original name is not known, as it was never said.



Mutt is Billy Twofeathers's British golden-doodle dog, who appeared in the film, Thomas and the Magic Railroad. He was played by two dogs, Bently and Dita.


Thomas & Friends





When Allicia Botti came to Island of Sodor, Thomas was chosen to take her with Annie and Clarabel. While being cleaned, a strange squeak came from the coaches. It kept up as Thomas went to Brendam and when he arrived, it was found that a small mouse had found its way into Clarabel's compartment. Because Thomas did not feel important anymore, Percy took over. The mouse was given a mouse hole in Tidmouth Sheds and was named Allicia by Thomas.


Thomas & Friends



Pegasus is a cart horse who lives on a farm near Dryaw Airfield. After he foolishly wandered into a ditch, Harold winched him to safety. However, Percy saw Pegasus being pulled through the air and thought that Pegasus was flying.


Thomas & Friends


  • A production made miniature model of Pegasus was sold to The Coffey Man Preservation from The Prop Gallery.

Animals in the Annuals and Magazine Stories

This section is for animals that only appeared in the annuals and magazines:

Gerald and Sally


Gerald and Sally are two giraffes that reside at the Sodor Wildlife Park. Percy is especially fond of Gerald and Sally as he was the one that first brought them to the park. They appeared in the 1989 magazine story, The Escape.


"Well done, well done!"
— Charlie mimicking the Fat Controller


Charlie is a parrot. He once escaped whilst his owner was cleaning his cage. He went to the main station yard, where he confused Percy by talking. None of the other engines believed that Percy had seen a talking bird, until they saw Charlie for themselves. His owner then came to the main station to collect him. He appeared in the 1993 magazine story, Percy and the Parrot!



Mickey is a monkey who resides at the Animal Rescue Centre. One day he escaped and travelled on Annie's roof to Wellsworth, stole a lady's hat and sat on the station roof. Thomas' driver tempted the wayward monkey down with fruit and he was soon recaptured. He appeared in the 1996 magazine story Monkey Business!



Billy is a dog that belongs to a family. Whilst the family was on holiday, Billy ran away. It turned out that he went to a Butcher's shop because he loves bones. He appeared in the 1998 magazine story, Billy's Bones!


This article is about 'the parrot'. You may be looking for the diesel engine.
"All aboard! All change! Full steam ahead!"
— Fred


Fred is a red and green parrot who now resides at the children's zoo. Thomas had to take Fred to his new home, but the talkative parrot caused a great deal of confusion when he mimicked the guard and driver's voices and used railway phrases. However, Fred saved the day when Thomas and his driver forgot a very special job. The parrot, using the Fat Controller's voice, reminded Thomas and the driver that they had to pick up a surprise parcel for Lady Hatt from the harbour. After this, Thomas was sorry to see Fred go. Fred picked up his railway terminology from his time spent at the main station. Fred appeared in the 1998 magazine story, Potty Parrot!


"Fetch, Rick!"
— The guard ordering Rick to fetch the Fat Controller's timetable

Rick is a dog belonging to Thomas' guard. He is very well trained and every morning he collects the newspaper from the paper-boy and takes it to his master. The guard thinks a lot of Rick and takes him with him whenever he is off duty. One of Rick's favourite places to play catch with a ball is the common. Rick once helped to catch the Fat Controller's new timetable when the wind blew it away.

Rick appeared in the 2001 magazine story, Rick's Tricks.



Playful is a pony belonging to a little girl named Sophie. Playful often competes in horse shows and seems to have a great affection for Percy who often brings supplies to the stable where Playful lives. Percy once had to take Playful to a horse show after the pony refused to travel inside a horse-box. Playful appeared in the 2001 magazine story, Playful Pony.

Mister Mighty


Mister Mighty is a Shire horse that works at a farm along Thomas' branch line. Once, he was replaced by Terence for a day. However, when rain fell, Terence's tread broke and the breakdown lorry got stuck in the mud, so Mister Mighty came to the rescue and the farmer immediately abandoned his plan to buy a tractor of his own to replace Mister Mighty. He appeared in the 2001 magazine story, Mister Mighty!

Lord Harry

This article is about 'the bull'. You may be looking for 'the mountain engine or the chairman of the Culdee Fell Railway'.

Lord Harry is an unfriendly bull belonging to Farmer Collett. He is named either after the mountain engine or Lord Harry Barrane, chairman of the Culdee Fell Railway. He appeared in the 2002 magazine story, Henry.


Beth is a collie sheepdog who works on a farm along Thomas' Branch Line with her owner Sam the Shepherd. She is incredibly helpful in rounding up the sheep and driving them back to the farm. While waiting to be sheared, one of the sheep jumped its pen and Beth quickly managed to get the wayward sheep back again. Beth appeared in the 2002 magazine story, Time for a Trim.


"Now it's a Hoppy New Year!"
— Edward

Hoppy is a kangaroo that resides at the Wildlife Park. He once escaped and Edward's driver aided in its recapture. Hoppy appeared in the 2004 magazine story, Hoppy New Year!



Sooty is a cat with a knack for trouble. Once, he jumped into Clarabel's guard's window to see the world. However, when Thomas took his carriages to a dairy factory, Sooty hopped off Clarabel and climbed onto the factory's rafters. He was saved by a fireman, who climbed up a high sail and lured the cat with fish. In the end, Sooty made a deal to stay at the shed and Thomas' driver would give him some milk and a fish daily. He appeared in the 2003 magazine story, Cat Got the Cream!


"Oi! That scamp made off with my lunch!"
— A workman

Scamp is a friendly and rather mischievous red squirrel that was brought to Sodor from the Mainland for the children's zoo. When he first arrived on the island, he was frightened by a loud noise and ran off. He then went on to cause trouble all over the island. He stole workmen's pies, the peanuts from Gordon's buffet car and Lady Hatt's seed cake. The Fat Controller then found the pesky squirrel asleep inside Annie. He appeared in the 1998 magazine story, The Red Squirrel!

Icy Blast


Icy Blast is a racehorse that Percy once took for a run in the countryside with his jockey and trainer. After his run, the jockey covered his horse in blankets. When they arrived back at the stables, the jockey and trainer gave a cold Percy some blankets of his own to keep him warm. Icy Blast appears in the 2004 magazine story, Percy Keeps Warm.


"It's Tiger!"
— James

Tiger is the Tidmouth stationmaster's pet cat. Tiger once went missing and a reward of a day off was to be given to the engine who found him. The cat remained missing for over a week until James puffed out into the countryside trying to work out why he smelled so horrible. The cat, who was hiding in a nearby tree, leaped onto James' tender, drawn to the fishy smell. The cat was then returned to the stationmaster and James and his crew got the promised day off. Tiger presumably got his name because of his resemblance to a tiger. He appeared in the 2005 magazine story, Something Fishy.


"Hello, Wag! You always look very pleased to see me!"
— Thomas

Wag is a little dog who belongs to the stationmaster of a small country station on Thomas' Branch Line. He is very friendly and loves seeing Thomas. Once, he climbed into one of Thomas' mail vans and everyone thought he was missing. Luckily, Thomas and the Fat Controller heard Wag later the same night. Wag got his name because he is always wagging his tail happily. He appeared in the 2003 magazine story, Where's Wag?



Cocky is a parrot who lives at Arlesburgh station. She belongs to the stationmaster's father. She appeared in the 1985 annual story, Oliver Gets the Bird.



Tabitha is a cat who stowed away on Gordon's tender while he was waiting on The Mainland, although Gordon was unaware of this until the next day when she chased away some noisy sparrows that were annoying him. She appeared in the 1986 annual story, Gordon's Stowaway.

Lucky Charm


Lucky Charm, or Lucky for short, is a dog belonging to a rescue team on Sodor. When Farmer Collett went missing, the rescue team sent out a search party and Lucky Charm had to find him.

Lucky Charm only appeared in the 2003 magazine story, Animals.

Other Animals

This section is for any other animals:

Thomas the Tiger


A Tiger and her two cubs appeared in Thomas and the Tiger. When the tiger's escape from the wildlife park, Thomas rescued them and returned them to the park. The wildlife keeper named one of the cubs Thomas, in honour of the tank engine.



Dora is a tricky prize pig belonging to Farmer Joe. She once won first prize at a country show. She appeared in the book, Thomas and the Prize Pig.

Moby Dick


Moby Dick is a goldfish belonging to a boy who lives near Shining Time Station. Stacy Jones sometimes looks after him whilst the boy is elsewhere. The only human that Moby Dick can communicate with is Mr. Conductor. His name is a play on the fictional sperm whale serving as the titular antagonist in Herman Melville's 1851 novel of the same name.

He only appeared in the film, Thomas and the Magic Railroad.