Clearwater Features logo

Clearwater Features Ltd. was a company in Shepperton that made and produced the first two seasons of Thomas the Tank Engine and Friends between 1984 and 1986 for The Britt Allcroft Company. It is also known for creating TUGS. Clearwater was founded in 1983 by Robert D. Cardona and David Mitton, the latter of whom did most of the work on Thomas the Tank Engine and Friends. The company produced many commercials, six hundred top-rating television programs, two feature films and three television movies. It closed down on 31 December 1990 after eight years at work because of TUGS' end of production and Britt Allcroft's return from the United States, when she purchased the models and sets used for TUGS. "Thomas the Tank Engine and Friends" remained produced by The Britt Allcroft Company between 1991 and 2000.


  • When the studio closed, David Mitton went to work for The Britt Allcroft Company and Robert D. Cardona went to live in Canada.
  • The production logo of Clearwater Features was a Cadillac car parked at a film studio with palm trees.
  • The logo appeared on the ending on every episode of Thomas the Tank Engine and Friends until 1992 and appeared on a flag of a barge in the TUGS episode 4th of July.