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"Keep your dirt away from me! I'm collecting the mayor today!"
— James

James and the Queen of Sodor is the seventh episode of the seventh season.


James was bragging that he was to pull the mayor of Sodor and became worse than ever when Percy accidentally sprayed Gordon with mud. When the Fat Controller arrives with news of an important job - transporting the Queen of Sodor - Gordon tricks James into volunteering. James thinks he's got his best job yet, but is horrified to find the so-called "Queen of Sodor" is really a rusty old barge. James, however, is determined not to let Gordon beat him and manages to stay clean throughout the whole journey, even when the barge breaks a pipe full of sludge. Gordon is amazed to find James without so much as a speck of dust on him afterwards, but then Percy arrives and accidentally scatters rock dust all over James.




  • Going by production order, this is the sixth episode of the seventh season.
  • Stock footage from Oliver Owns Up and Four Little Engines is used, as is mirrored stock footage from James and the Red Balloon.
  • Toad's scrap model from Escape can be seen when James enters the smelter's yard.
  • In a rare still, James is in Duck's place at Tidmouth Sheds at the end.
  • This is also Duck's only speaking role in the seventh season, albeit having only spoken in the Japanese version.


  • When the barge crashes through the pipe, during the facial shots of James, he appears to be beside a cement base supporting the pipes. But in back-end shots, he is several centimetres from the base.
  • After James returns to the sheds, Henry disappears.
  • The barge loses its funnel and cab when it reaches the smelter's shed.
  • In the final scene, both Thomas' and Duck's eyes are wonky.
  • When Gordon passes under the bridge and says "Show off," the first coach in his train slightly shakes.
  • Sir Topham Hatt says that the Queen of Sodor was at the canal, but it was really at Brendam. Also, Sir Topham says that the Queen of Sodor needed to go to the works, but James takes it to the smelter's.
  • When James passes Suddery Castle, his face is missing.
  • Since stock footage is used, Skarloey has his brass ring around his funnel, he looks cross when the narrator says "They are happiest when the Fat Controller gives them important work to do," Annie and Clarabel are in their old shape, Tidmouth Tunnel appears in its original design and the lake next to the tunnel is bigger.


  • Books - James and the Queen of Sodor

In Other Languages

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ジェームスとソドーとうのじょおう James and the Queen of Sodor
Danish Øens dronning Sea Queen
Swedish James och drottningen av Rälsö James and the Queen of Sodor
Polish Kuba i Królowa Sodor James and the Queen of Sodor
Italian La Regina di Sodor The Queen of Sodor
Welsh James a Brenhines Sodor James and the Queen of Sodor
Hungarian James és Sodor királynője James and the Queen of Sodor
Romanian James şi Regina din Sodor James and the Queen of Sodor
Chinese 詹姆士跟多多岛皇后 James With Lots of Island Queens
Korean 깔끔이 제임스 Tidy James
Slovak Jakub a kráľovná Sodoru James and the Queen of Sodor
Thai เจมส์รักความสะอาด James Loved the Cleanliness

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