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"Well, thank you, my dear. I knew this was my special birthday party, but I didn't know it was fancy dress!"
— Lady Hatt greeting her husband

Lady Hatt's Birthday Party is the fourth episode of the fifth season.


It is Lady Hatt's birthday and the Fat Controller is leaving work early to attend the party at Kirk Ronan. When his car becomes stuck in a pothole, the Fat Controller hitches a lift in Caroline. But the small car breaks down and when George comes along, he is given the job of transporting the Fat Controller, who quickly becomes covered in oil from George's engine. George loses control and crashes into a pond, and the Fat Controller is catapulted into the waist-deep mud. Thomas is luckily nearby and the Fat Controller acts as Thomas' "relief" fireman. The Fat Controller arrives on time, and the amused guests are quick to make good humour of the Fat Controller's adventure.




  • During the scenes where the Fat Controller rides in his car and Caroline, music is heard in the US version but not the UK version.
  • In the US version, the sounds made by the Fat Controller's car, Caroline, and George are barely audible.
  • One of the flowers the Fat Controller buys is really a stem of broccoli.
  • George's driver is Jem Cole.


  • When Caroline overheats, she lurches backwards and overheats again in slow motion.
  • Bulgy's Bridge has rails underneath it.
  • When Lady Hatt says "I didn't know it was fancy dress" one of the people laughing is missing their eyebrows.
  • Nothing is said about the Fat Controller's car or George after their accidents.
  • The Fat Controller seems cleaner at the party.
  • When the narrator says that George was enjoying "rolling along the lane", he looks angry.
  • When George crashes, the Fat Controller falls head first into the mud, but in the following scene, he is sinking feet first.
  • Jem Cole doesn't have any eyebrows.
  • Thomas' driver looks happy when the narrator says, "I'm afraid our fireman is taken ill."
  • When the narrator says, "Later that day, the Fat Controller changed into his new suit", The Fat Controller is missing one of his eyebrows.
  • How did Thomas get to the water tower without his fireman?
  • Sir Topham Hatt should have swerved to avoid the hole in

In Other Languages

Language Name Meaning
Spanish La Fiesta de Cumpleaños de Lady Hatt The Birthday Party of Lady Hatt
Norwegian Lady Hatts bursdagsselskap Lady Hatt's Birthday Party
Italian La festa di Compleanno di Lady Hatt The Birthday Party of Lady Hatt
Swedish Födelsedagsfirande Birthday Celebration
Japanese ハットきょうふじんのたんじょうび Lady Hatt's Birthday
Danish Fru Hatts fødselsdagsfest Lady Hatt's Birthday Party
Hungarian A születésnapi zsúr The Tea Party Birthday
Chinese 海特夫人的生日派对 Lady Hatt's Birthday Party
Korean 생일파티에 가는 길 The Way to a Birthday Party
Slovenian Zabava za rojstni dan gospe Klobučar Lady Hatter's Fun Birthday
Greek Το πάρτι γενεθλίων A Birthday Party
Romanian Petrecerea de Ziua Doamnei Hatt The Birthday Party of Lady Hatt
Slovak Narodeninová párty Lady Hattovej The Birthday Party for Lady Hatt
German Lady Hatts Geburtstagsfeier Lady Hatt's Birthday Party
Russian День рождения Лэди Мэтт Lady Hatt's Birthday
Polish Urodziny Żony Birthday Wives
Dutch Het verjaardagsfeest van mevrouw Hoogsmahoed The Birthday of Lady Hatt
Thai งานวันเกิดภรรยาผู้ควบคุมอ้วน Birthday Party

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