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"What do you mean, by leaving me behind?"
— Refreshment Lady, Peter Sam and the Refreshment Lady

The Refreshment Lady (1906-1986) worked at Lakeside (Skarloey in the Railway Series) where she owned a small cafe, called Neptune Refreshments. She later opened a very mobile shop in an old coach discovered by Rusty and Peter Sam.


The Refreshment Lady first appeared in Peter Sam and the Refreshment Lady. She was about to board the next train when Peter Sam rushed out so he could get there before Henry departed from Crovan's Gate. She was furious about this when they got there until she explained to Peter Sam that Henry's train was a guaranteed connection.

In the seventh season, she was trying to find the best location for her tea shop in the Skarloey Railway. Peter Sam took her to all the best places, but she couldn't make up her mind. After a storm blew over, Rusty was clearing debris and both he and Peter Sam discovered an old railway coach. Peter Sam decided to turn it into a very mobile tea shop. The Refreshment Lady was so delighted about it that Sir Topham Hatt decided that Peter Sam could take her around all the places she wanted to sell her refreshments.

She may be good friends with the Hatt and Kyndley families, as in Lady Hatt's Birthday Party, she is one of the guests at Lady Hatt's party and in Happy Ever After, she is one of the guests attending Mrs. Kyndley's daughter's wedding.


The Refreshment Lady wears a sky blue dress with white polka dots and a pink coat.


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Voice Actors

  • Chizu Yonemoto (Japan; fourth season only)
  • Hiromi Nishida (Japan; seventh season only)


  • She is based on Hanna Evans, a volunteer on the Talyllyn Railway who served refreshments at Abergynolwyn. In August 1952, she was left behind at the station due to the mistake of the Guard, the Rev. W. Awdry himself. During the 1960s, she was one of the women who worked on the Tallylyn's Refreshments Van.
  • In the television series, she has been left behind twice.
  • In the Welsh dub, she is given the name "Ceinwen".