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"What a small shed! This won't do at all! We're much too smart for this old shack!"
"I think it's nice.
Sir Handel and Peter Sam, Four Little Engines


Skarloey Railway Engine Sheds

Skarloey Railway Engine Sheds is where the locomotives and rolling stock of the Skarloey Railway rest.

Sheds in the Railway Series

The sheds and rails were raised up above the standard gauge tracks and there was a 'ramp' where narrow gauge rolling stock could be transferred onto a standard gauge flatbed or wellwagon.

Engine Shed

When the Skarloey Railway was under construction in 1865, a small engine shed and a carriage shed was being built by the wharf at Crovan's Gate. Originally, the engine shed was a brick structure with a single road. However, when Peter Sam and Sir Handel were purchased, an open-side shed was added to make it into a two-road shed. Later, a second track was added to the brick part of the shed, making it a three-road shed.

In 1961, when Rheneas returned, the open-side shed was repaired and closed (as shown from Gallant Old Engine, although other books inconsistently show it open sided).

After Duke's rescue and rebuilding in 1969, the main shed was extended to the rear, able to hold six locomotives. Doors at the back of the shed give access to a turntable installed in 1965.

Carriage Sheds

The original shed of 1865 was timber built and open at the base. At an unknown date, prior to the events of Four Little Engines, the Carriage Shed's timber footings had been replaced with slate slabs.

When the revival in the railway's fortunes began in 1954, and passenger stock increased, the Carriage and Wagon Shops were extended. This made it necessary to re-lay the main line to clear the enlarged sheds.

Sheds in the Television Series

When the Skarloey Railway was introduced in the fourth season, the engine and carriage sheds were identical to their Railway Series counterparts, except mirrored and the wooden part of the shed had two tracks instead of one and the sheds and rails were lowered to ground level. Across from the sheds was a standard gauge shed/shunting yard and a roundhouse. The sheds were seemingly replaced by the Depot from the sixth season onwards.