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"Help! I'm going to fall!"
— Duncan

Trusty Rusty is the twenty-fifth episode of the seventh season.


When Rusty crosses a wooden bridge, he hits a bump and his driver inspects that the bridge is in early stages of collapsing, so Rusty hurries off to warns the engines. He arrived at the depot where all the engines were getting their coal and warns them about the bridge, but Duncan is skeptical and says how would Rusty know and that he's only a diesel, as he puffs away, not waiting to be filled up with coal. Rusty tells Sir Topham Hatt about the bridge and he agrees to send engineers to check the bridge. The Engines have to travel a different route after Rusty's driver put up a sign that says "Line Closed."

Meanwhile, Duncan is planning on getting more coal for the journey home, but the coal bunker was empty, so he asked Skarloey where he could go to the nearest bunker. Skarloey tells him that it's on the other side of the wooden bridge, but warns Duncan not to cross it, but Duncan ignores his warnings and his driver agrees to cross the bridge.

Duncan arrives at the junction as his driver removes the Warning sign and they puffed towards the bridge. But Duncan ran out of coal and stopped on the bridge. Suddenly, the old bridge was starting to collapse, due to Duncan's weight. Rusty heard the news from Skarloey and raced off to rescue Duncan. Rusty pulls Duncan out of the bridge, just in time after the bridge finally collapsed.

Sir Topham Hatt scolds Duncan for his irresponsibility and disobedience. Duncan thanks Rusty for saving him and being brave and Sir Topham Hatt praises him as a Really Useful Engine.




  • Going by production order, this is the twenty-second episode of the seventh season.
  • Stock footage from Stepney Gets Lost is used.
  • Because of the stock footage, Rusty has his smaller scale model in one scene.
  • In the US version, Rusty says, "Don't use the old wooden bridge - it's dangerous!" twice; first when he warns the other engines not to cross, and again when he rescues Duncan. He only says the phrase once in the UK narration.
  • The last appearance of Stepney.
  • The last episode to feature the Skarloey Railway. This was also the last episode where Sir Topham Hatt appeared as controller of the Skarloey Railway since Mr. Percival would take over the role in that same episode.


  • Stepney has Skarloey's whistle sound.
  • Duncan's driver shouldn't have let him go across the bridge.
  • The narrator mentioned that Duncan had used all his coal, but Duncan still had a full bunker.
  • When Rusty races to the rescue, the scene is mirrored.
  • When Rusty pulls Duncan clear of the bridge, it suddenly jerks downwards slightly as it begins to fall; this is due to a film cut.
  • When Rusty crossed the bridge he hit a bump. When Duncan tried to cross it, he didn't.
  • Wires can be seen under Duncan when the narrator says "A beam snapped".
  • Duncan gets reprimanded when his driver was to blame for letting him cross.
  • The old wooden bridge was supposed to be old but the pieces of timber on it look brand new.
  • The narrator says, "Rusty chuffed bravely onto the bridge", but Rusty is a diesel.
  • A brakevan should have been added to Peter Sam's train.
  • At the end of Rock 'n' Roll, it was establised that Duncan had realised his error in not listening to Rusty's advice and that they would be friends from then on. This episode ignores this.

In Other Languages

Language Name Meaning
Japanese たよりになるラスティー Reliable Rusty
Welsh Y Bont Beryglus Dangerous Bridge
Polish Wierzcie Rudikowi Believe Rusty
Russian Надежный Расти Reliable Rusty
Hungarian Rusty a Bátor Mozdony Rusty the Brave Locomotive
Italian L'affidabile Rusty Reliable Rusty
Chinese 相信罗斯缇 Believe Rusty
Korean 책임감 강한 러스티 Rusty's Strong Sense of Responsibility
Romanian Rusty cel de Încredere Rusty of the Trust
Swedish Lita på Rusty Rely on Rusty
Slovak Verný Rusty Faithful Rusty
Danish Rusty slår alarm Rusty Sounding the Alarm
Thai รัสตี้เสี่ยงชีวิตช่วยดันแคน Rusty Risked Duncan